Leader Calls for Muslim Unity in Hajj Message

Leader Calls for Muslim Unity in Hajj Message
Leader Calls for Muslim Unity in Hajj Message

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei stressed the growing need for unity among all Muslim communities, saying that most ideals of Islam will not be achieved without affinity among the followers of the religion. 
“With sympathy and cooperation, enemy plots will not pose a serious obstacle in this path,” he said. 
He made the statement in a message on the occasion of the hajj season (starting July 28), although the ritual has been cancelled this year due to the spread of the coronavirus disease known as Covid-19, reported. 
This year’s event has been limited to about 1,000 pilgrims from within Saudi Arabia and Muslims from abroad will not be able to attend the pilgrimage.
The 1,000 pilgrims will be foreign residents of the kingdom as well as Saudi healthcare workers and security personnel who have recovered from the coronavirus, as a gesture of thanks for their sacrifice. 
Ayatollah Khamenei regretted that the hajj season, which has always been a time of pride and honor for the Muslim world, is now causing a feeling of sadness and separation among believers.
“This deprivation is short-lived and will not last long, God willing,” he said.
He added that the moral of this circumstance is for Muslims to appreciate the great opportunity offered to them.  
“Hajj is a display of strength against arrogant powers that are the epicenters of corruption, oppression, bullying and looting,” he said.
The Leader said today, as always and more than ever, the interests of the Muslim community lie in unity against hostilities and threats, especially from the United States and the Zionist regime of Israel. 
He described the US presence in West Asia as detrimental to regional nations and a cause for “insecurity, ruin and backwardness”. 
“We see all Muslim nations as our brothers and treat non-Muslims that have not joined the enemies’ front with respect and justice,” he said. 
“Helping the oppressed people of Palestine and sympathizing with Yemenis and other oppressed Muslims everywhere in the world will also remain among the country’s priorities.” 
Ayatollah Khamenei also advised the leaders of Muslim states to rely on their Muslim brothers instead of resorting to the enemy for a short-term benefit. 
“We advise and warn those who accept the survival of the occupying and oppressing Zionist regime and extend a hand of friendship toward them against the bitter consequences of this behavior,” he said. 

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