Border Agreement Signed With Iraq

Border Agreement Signed With IraqBorder Agreement Signed With Iraq

Border Police Commander General Qassem Rezaei said an agreement was signed in Basra between Iran and Iraq in the fourth round of meetings between border officials of the two countries.   

Heading a delegation of security and border officials, Rezaei held a meeting with Iraqi Border Guards Commander Major General Abdul-Karim al-Ameri, in which the two officials discussed the situation of fishermen working in the bodies of water between the two neighboring states and measures to fix the boundary marker poles, ISNA reported on Sunday.

After the meeting, the two high-ranking commanders attended a joint press conference.

The border police commander said the visit to Iraq is an effort to put into effect the border protocols signed between the two states, adding that "good" and "fruitful" discussions were held with Iraqi border officials to this end.    

Rezaei also said in view of a long joint border with Iraq, it is necessary to promote bilateral cooperation to improve the living standards of the people living near the border in both countries, noting that this point should be one of the main subjects of the meetings.

The Iraqi border official, for his part, described the outcome of the talks as "positive" and said, "We enjoy high-level relations with Iranian border officials," expressing hope that good interaction could be established between the two countries in the campaign against illicit drug trafficking and the efforts to address insecurity in the region.