US Must Restore What It Destroyed to Regain Iran’s Trust

The Iranian government spokesman said Trump’s call for dialogue shows no originality and does not indicate a willingness for serious and fruitful talks
US Must Restore What It Destroyed to Regain Iran’s Trust  US Must Restore What It Destroyed to Regain Iran’s Trust

Iran has lost its trust in the United States and the fruitfulness of negotiations with that country, a senior Iranian official said, adding that Washington needs to restore all that it has destroyed to regain this trust.
Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei made the statement in a press conference on Monday, in reference to US President Donald Trump’s recent call on Iran to make a deal, after the two countries agreed on a prisoner swap last week, IRNA reported.
Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran two years ago and restored sweeping sanctions on Tehran in the hope that a maximum pressure campaign would compel Iranian leaders to enter renegotiations over a new deal. 
Following a recent prisoner swap last week, he took to Twitter to cite the recent exchange agreement as a sign that "a deal with Iran is possible".  
Iran freed a US navy veteran from jail in Iran last week in return for an Iranian-American detained in the US. 
Trump later invited Iran to make the “Big” deal before the upcoming US elections in November. 
“I'm going to win. You'll make a better deal now!” he tweeted.
Rabiei said the US election is a domestic issue that neither concerns Iran, nor impacts its policy-making.
“We don’t make decisions based on US elections and who will be elected, but will decide in accordance with our national interests,” he added. 



Not Serious 

Rabiei noted that Trump’s tweets show no originality and do not indicate any willingness for serious and fruitful talks. 
“If America is eager for dialogue with Iran, it can return to the negotiating table along with the remaining parties to JCPOA that it once left,” he said, using the abbreviation of the nuclear deal’s formal name, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. 
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had also earlier responded to Trump’s tweet, saying Iran had already reached an agreement with world powers before Trump took office and it is up to the US to return to it.   
Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani also said Trump is trying to present false success stories since he is in a disastrous situation. 
"The exchange of prisoners is not the result of negotiations & no talks will happen in future," he said in a tweet.
Iranian officials have maintained that any negotiation with the US would be within the framework of JCPOA meetings and only after all sanctions are removed. 
“We have no fear of their [threats of] brutal behavior and don’t fancy their policy of window-dressing either,” Rabiei said. 
In its latest measure against Iran, the US had prepared a resolution to have the United Nations Security Council extend an arms embargo on Tehran, which is to expire in October as per the terms of JCPOA. 
Rabiei said Iran sees the move a violation of UNSC Resolution 2231 and recognizes no right for the US in its attempts to restrict Iran’s access to arms for defense purposes. 
“Any country in the [UN] Security Council that attempts to change the timing [of the sanctions expiration] and the extension of the resolution would face severe consequences, which the US and its allies must take responsibility for,” he said. 

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