WHO Asked to Act Against Sanctions Amid Pandemic

WHO Asked to Act Against Sanctions Amid PandemicWHO Asked to Act Against Sanctions Amid Pandemic

Health Minister Saeed Namaki has asked the World Health Organization to take a stand against the United States’ sanctions that have undermined the ability of Iran and other nations to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.
During this year’s virtual World Health Assembly attended by the United Nation’s 194 member states, Namaki asked the multinational organization to intervene with severe sanctions imposed on Iran and other countries to allow for a comprehensive response to the health crisis, ISNA reported.
The two-day videoconference of the World Health Organization’s decision-making body opened on Monday to boost global cooperation against the outbreak.
Namaki said, “We asked WHO to intervene in sanctions against us and other nations that could hinder the procurement of vaccine and treatments.”
During the unprecedented virtual meeting, Iran expressed its complete support for the UN organization and its role in coordinating global efforts to fight the novel coronavirus.
Namaki condemned the United States’ actions aimed at “weakening” WHO during this critical juncture. 
US President Donald Trump froze WHO’s funding in April after it accused the UN organization of plotting with China to cover the full extent of the viral outbreak.
During the WHO meeting on Monday, the US threatened to permanently pull funding. The US finances nearly 15% of WHO’s budget.
In response to calls by 122 member states for an inquiry into the origins of the novel coronavirus, China’s President Xi Jinping said he would back a “comprehensive review” of the pandemic after the health crisis was dealt with. 



Daily Coronavirus Report

Iran’s caseload of coronavirus reached 124,603 on Tuesday, up by 2,111 from a day earlier. 
Health Ministry Spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour noted that only 20% of new cases are hospitalizations.
“Out of the 2,111 new infections, 424 were hospitalized and 1,687 either displayed mild symptoms or were in close contact with a patient,” he added.
Overnight fatalities numbered 62, taking the death toll to 7,119. Nearly 2,700 are in intensive care units due to their critical condition. 
According to the health official, during a 24-hour period, 10 provinces reported zero deaths and six provinces registered only one.
More than 97,000 have recovered from the respiratory illness. The country has carried out 716,000 diagnostic tests to track down those who have contracted the virus.
Jahanpour asked the public to refrain from traveling during the upcoming two-day holiday marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. 
Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi also said on Monday that it is not “safe” to travel yet. 
He said, “Tehran is still the epicenter of the disease. Taking trips could lead to virus transmission in areas with lower rates of infection.”
Worldwide cases crossed 4.9 million on Tuesday and deaths from the disease reached 320,000.

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