MPs Censure European Inaction on Nuclear Deal

MPs Censure European Inaction on Nuclear Deal MPs Censure European Inaction on Nuclear Deal

Iranian lawmakers criticized the European parties to the 2015 nuclear deal for failing to show appropriate reaction against the United States’ unilateralism and hostility. 
“It could be said that Iran and the US are the main players of the deal and the other [European] countries are only bystanders,” Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, a member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, was quoted as saying by ICANA. 
The US unilaterally pulled out of the deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, in 2015 and restored sanctions on Iran. It has now launched a campaign to prevent the expiration of the United Nations arms embargo in October as per the UN Security Council Resolution 2231. 
“JCPOA [European] parties called the deal the most important political achievement after the Cold War, but despite the US lack of commitment and violations, they did not take responsibility for implementing the deal,” Falahatpisheh said. 
He added that Europeans seem to be waiting for the upcoming US elections [in November] that could see a change in administration and are not thinking of fulfilling their commitments. 
Shahrouz Barzegar, another lawmaker, said the US is using its power to prevent Europe from adhering to its commitments under JCPOA and the UN resolution. 
“If the US manages to influence Europe and prevent the expiration of the [arms] ban, Iran will definitely show a strong reaction,” he said. 
Barzegar also said the new US offensive against JCPOA and Resolution 2231 will certainly be vetoed by Russia and China. 
“The US hegemony is no longer what it used to be in the past and many countries are against Washington’s unilateralism,” he said.  
The US argues that it is still a participant under Resolution 2231 and not only has a say about the lifting of the arms embargo, but can also trigger the return of all UN sanctions on Iran. 
Russia and China have expressed opposition to the US move, saying Washington is not a party to the nuclear deal anymore and has violated the UN resolution, so it is not entitled to act against their terms. 


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