Majlis Center Prepares Report on Corona’s Impact on Livelihoods

Majlis Center Prepares Report on Corona’s Impact on Livelihoods Majlis Center Prepares Report on Corona’s Impact on Livelihoods

The Iranian Parliament’s research center and a special commission have conducted in-depth research on the economic conditions of groups whose livelihoods have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and will soon release their report, according to the Majlis speaker. 
"Attention to the financial situation of different strata hit by the corona outbreak is of great importance," Ali Larijani said during his first appearance in a parliament session since his recovery from the viral disease known as COVID-19, ICANA reported.  
The commission has also included suggestions for addressing economic difficulties, particularly to prevent a slowdown in manufacturing enterprises, he added. 
Larijani also highlighted the parliament’s role in facilitating public services, including through the annual budgets that it passes for knowledge-based organizations and innovative university circles.  
He later thanked workers whose worthy endeavor during the lockdowns helped meet public demands, in spite of the severe economic pressure imposed by the United States. 
"During the battle waged by the US against the Iranian nation with its sanctions, workers ran the country's affairs through their sacrificial and round-the-clock efforts and did not allow the dreams of White House rulers to come true in Iran," he said. 
The US reimposed sanctions on Iran in 2018 after quitting the 2015 nuclear deal and has refused to ease its pressure while the world is grappling with COVID-19 despite an international outcry. 
The Majlis speaker said it is thanks to the efforts of workers that the country's situation is acceptable in terms of supplying essential commodities needed under the current circumstances. 
Larijani also expressed his appreciation for the educational workforce that continued the teaching and learning process using the social media and other online tools. 


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