Call for Continued Public Coop. to Contain COVID-19

Call for Continued Public Coop. to Contain COVID-19  Call for Continued Public Coop. to Contain COVID-19

Iran’s government has urged the public to maintain vigilance during the COVID-19 pandemic, or the country will have to reimpose stringent containment measures.
President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday warned against public complacency that could lead to another surge in coronavirus cases which, he stressed, could lead to the reimposition of restrictions, ISNA reported.
Iran had gradually relaxed containment measures following a drop in confirmed infections and deaths, but authorities have repeatedly pleaded with the people to stay at home until the respiratory illness is brought under control.
Rouhani noted that continued public cooperation, coupled with measures to curb coronavirus, could help break the chain of transmission.
The second worst-hit country in the Middle East recorded 89,328 coronavirus cases on Saturday, up by 1,134 a day earlier and the tally of deaths increased by 76 to 5,650, Health Ministry Spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said.


A deputy health minister said coronavirus cases are on a decline in most provinces, “but any kind of neglect could have serious, irreversible repercussions”

The health official added, “So far, 68,913 have recovered from the infectious disease.”
Nearly 3,000 patients remain in critical condition. Iran has conducted 410,075 coronavirus tests nationwide in more than 100 laboratories equipped with testing kits. 
Rouhani also said the Health Ministry has been ordered to devise health protocols that could allow religious sites to reopen, considering the onset of the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims attend mosques for communal prayer.
The coronavirus taskforce will announce its decision on opening mosques and holy sites on Sunday.



Declining Numbers 

On Saturday, Jahanpour noted that the number of patients who have contracted the deadly virus but do not require hospitalization has increased, “which is a positive thing”.
According to the spokesman, the downtrend in confirmed cases has continued, but the public must still observe social distancing and personal hygiene. 
Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi also discussed the drop in infections, saying that compared with the peak of the illness three weeks ago, hospitalizations have declined by 50% and the death rate has decreased by 70%.
He said, “The coronavirus cases are on a decline in most provinces … but I stress that any kind of neglect could have serious, irreversible repercussions.”
Harirchi pointed out that 300 new patients are admitted to hospitals in Tehran on a daily basis. 
“The numbers are still alarming. Although hospitalizations have dropped compared with recent weeks, it is still alarming,” he said.
Harirchi also said Tehran could be Iran’s Achilles heel in terms of coronavirus transmissions … “On this basis, businesses reopened in Tehran one week after other provinces”. 
In its bid to contain the contagion while resuming economic activities, Iran classified businesses into low, medium and high risk, and has so far allowed low- and medium-risk businesses to resume operations.

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