More Retaliatory Measures Await Israel

More Retaliatory Measures Await Israel
More Retaliatory Measures Await Israel

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps chief said Lebanon's Hezbollah gave a "retaliatory response" to Israel over targeting its members and an IRGC general and warned that more reprisals await Israel.   

Speaking at a memorial service for the Iranian general and members of the Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah in Tehran, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said, "Prior to that assault, Israel was well aware of the consequences of its action but they had no other alternative," ISNA reported.

General Mohammed Ali Allahdadi along with Hezbollah members were killed when their convoy was hit in a January 18 airstrike by Israel in Syria near the occupied Golan Heights.  

Hezbollah struck back by targeting Israeli forces in northern occupied territories on Wednesday. Several Israeli soldiers were killed and at least nine military vehicles were destroyed by Hezbollah's attack.

Jafari also said, "Today Hezbollah is stronger than ever … and they (Israel) should realize that the Islamic Revolution (of Iran) and the resistance make no difference between Iranian, Lebanese and Syrian youth."

Meanwhile, the IRGC deputy commander said, "Iran is well prepared to deal with (any threat) from world powers," adding that the Israeli regime is not able to carry out its threats against Iran.  

Lieutenant General Hossein Salami said Hezbollah's response to the Israeli attack indicated its strength as well as its capabilities and potential to give rapid response to hostile actions.