Majlis Role Key to Overcome Sanctions

Rouhani says any effort either to counter the effects of sanctions or work toward their lifting requires the cooperation of the parliament
Majlis Role Key to Overcome SanctionsMajlis Role Key to Overcome Sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani highlighted the role of Majlis in handling the American sanctions through close cooperation with the government. 
He made the statement ahead of the parliamentary elections on Friday. 
"If we want to stand up against America, one solution is on Esfand 2 [Feb. 21] when we need to be on the scene," he said during a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, reported.
Iran has been under severe sanctions by the United States since 2018, following Washington's withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal.
The purpose of the so-called "maximum pressure campaign" was to force Iran to agree to more concessions on its nuclear program and other defense and diplomatic activities.
Rouhani noted that the parliamentary election is significant since people can select the best candidates for the parliament, which is an important entity whose decisions affect the lives of not only voters, but also their children.
Parliament, he added, is also important in terms of its authority to oversee the operation of executive bodies and to impeach government officials.
However, he said what is more important is "breaking the siege on Iran and defeating the sanctions."
"The government cannot [do this] single-handedly … The government and Majlis need to stand together," he said.
According to the president, any effort, either to counter the effects of sanctions or work toward their lifting requires the cooperation of the parliament. 
"We and the Majlis have one way ahead of us; people want the government and parliament to work together to solve their economic, foreign policy, and international trade and banking problems, and we can overcome these difficulties through complete unity," he added.
Rouhani noted that the US will only stop imposing sanctions on Iran when it loses hope in the effectiveness of its maximum pressure, in which case it would surrender and come to the negotiating table. 
"We must know that on Feb. 21, our spirited presence at the ballots will infuriate the US and our absence will make it happy," he said. 
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also told reporters after the Cabinet meeting that the upcoming election is an opportunity to strengthen Iran's diplomacy against US policies by showing that sanctions have been fruitless and people still come to the polls in large numbers, IRNA reported. 
"Today is the time to tell Americans that their maximum pressure policy has failed," he said. 
Iranian people, he added, have shown in the past they do not give in to American pressures and defend their country. 
"The best way to show this defense is by participating in elections," he said. 

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