Larijani Briefs Reporters on Visits to Syria, Lebanon

Larijani Briefs Reporters on Visits to Syria, LebanonLarijani Briefs Reporters on Visits to Syria, Lebanon

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani filled reporters in on his trips to Lebanon and Syria upon his arrival in Tehran early Tuesday, characterizing his meetings with top officials from the two Arab countries as “positive”.
Earlier this week, Larijani took a two-day trip to Lebanon and Syria to discuss bilateral ties, the fight against terrorism and recent developments in the region, IRNA reported.
The Iranian speaker noted that Iran has helped regional countries achieve lasting security through careful planning.  
"Iran and Syria's effective cooperation against terrorism has delivered a serious blow to terrorists in the region," he said.
The top Iranian lawmaker made his visit to Syria amid advancements made by the Arab state's army to liberate the northwestern province of Idlib, the last stronghold of foreign-sponsored militant forces.
Larijani pointed out that large parts of Syria are now safe, paving the way for investments by Iranian businessmen in the war-torn country. 
The lawmaker also talked about his two-day stay in Lebanon and his meetings with prominent figures from various sectors, in which they exchanged views on the current regional situation and Iran’s role in backing “resistance movements”.
Larijani said, "I also met with Palestinian groups and heard about their perspective on their continued battle [against Israel]."
Lebanon has recently formed a new Cabinet led by Prime Minister Hassan Diab to address the country's economic problems following mass protests against soaring inflation and high-level corruption.
The speaker informed reporters that he and his accompanying delegation met with parliamentary and governmental officials of both countries and talked about boosting economic ties and the possibility of broadening agricultural, trade and industrial cooperation. 

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