Parliamentary Electorate: 58 Million

Parliamentary Electorate: 58 MillionParliamentary Electorate: 58 Million

Nearly 58 million Iranians are eligible to vote in the 11th round of parliamentary elections slated for Feb. 21, three million of which will be first-time voters.
According to Chairman of Iranian Elections Headquarters Jamal Orf, of those eligible to cast a ballot in the fast-approaching election, 50.13% are men and 49.87% are women, ISNA reported.
More than 4,000 candidates have been approved by the Guardians Council, the main entity in charge of vetting candidates, to compete in the February election.
The two main parliamentary camps are speculating about the list of candidates they want to field. 
While reformist lawmaker, Azar Mansouri, said that if the prominent party leaders are not approved, the camp will not introduce an official list this year, the rival principlist camp's Coalition of Islamic Revolution Forces has been short-listing nominees and is expected to finalize its list for Tehran's Constituency next week. 
In an unprecedented move, the Guardians Council has disqualified a large number of reformist-minded candidates, triggering strong criticism from top figures in the major political grouping.


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