Call for Muslim Solidarity to Repel Pressure of World Powers

Call for Muslim Solidarity to Repel Pressure of World Powers
Call for Muslim Solidarity to Repel Pressure of World Powers

President Hassan Rouhani said Muslim countries need to improve their cooperation to stand against the pressure imposed by world powers. 
He made the statement in a meeting with Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Wednesday prior to the Kuala Lumpur Summit of Muslim countries where he was scheduled to deliver a speech. 
"There must not be any problem hindering Muslim countries' cooperation … Muslims are from the same family and need to feel responsible toward each other," he was quoted as saying by the presidential website. 
The president pointed to the United States' sanctions on Iran as an example of pressure by a world power on the Muslim world, noting that many of the Muslim issues arise from US interference.
American sanctions were imposed after US President Donald Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal last year. The restrictions, along with threats against nations that do business with Iran, have affected Iran's trade with the world. 
Rouhani, however, stressed that sanctions cannot undermine Iran's determination to improve its cooperation with other countries, especially Muslim states such as Malaysia.   
Mahathir condemned the US illegal sanctions, highlighting Kuala Lumpur's willingness to restore its relations with Iran to the previous level. 
"We support Iranians and are absolutely determined to broaden our bilateral trade ties," he said. 
Addressing a forum in Qatar earlier, Mahathir had emphasized that the US sanctions clearly violate the United Nations charter and international law.   
"Sanctions can only be applied by the United Nations in accordance with [its] charter," he had said, adding that Malaysia and other countries have lost "a big market" because of the measures against Iran. 
Rouhani later said events such as the Kuala Lumpur Summit can help alleviate Muslim countries’ problems, particularly in the Middle East.
Mahathir said the event is an opportunity to exchange views and experiences with other Muslim countries and Malaysia could benefit from Iran's experience in managing foreign pressure. 

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