Reaffirming Support for Syria

Reaffirming Support for Syria    Reaffirming Support for Syria

The head of the Iran-Syria Parliamentary Friendship Group said Iran will continue backing the Syrian nation and government in their campaign against terrorists.

According to ICANA, in a meeting between members of the parliamentary friendship group with the Syrian ambassador to Tehran, Alaeddin Boroujerdi said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran continues its support for the Syrian government and nation against the full-scale aggressions of terrorist groups and their regional and international backers."

Boroujerdi referred to the current situation in Iraq and Syria and said, "The world is now witnessing the exceptional resistance of the Syrian nation against the plots of the arrogant powers and terrorist actions of takfiri groups and their regional supporters," adding that with the resistance of the people in Syria and Iraq, the so-called Islamic State terrorist group will be destroyed soon.

Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mahmoud, for his part, praised the "extensive" and "continued" support of Iran for the crisis-hit Arab country over the past years, adding, "The Syrian nation will never forget the support of the Iranian people and officials for the resistance in the country against the aggressions of terrorists to their homeland."