No Further Extension of P5+1 Talks

No Further Extension of P5+1 Talks
No Further Extension of P5+1 Talks

The foreign minister ruled out any further extension of nuclear talks between Iran and the major powers.

In an interview with Fars news agency published on Wednesday, Mohammad Javad Zarif elaborated on the current status of the talks between Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany) over Tehran's nuclear program.

On any possible extension of the talks in case the two sides fail to clinch a final nuclear deal by the self-imposed June 30 deadline, he said, "It is too difficult to imagine that the talks will be extended again."

He said the negotiations have reached a critical stage, adding, "Currently, we are discussing details and technicalities, while there is already a consensus on generalities."

He continued, "In my opinion, our negotiating party should come to the understanding that, if they want a deal with Iran, it is not possible to reach an agreement while exerting pressure at the same time and that Iranians will not accept an agreement under pressure."

In response to a question on the possibility of clinching a deal before the new target date, he said, "Reaching an agreement is absolutely possible and likely, but the other party is faced with some issues and is under political pressure which could ruin their political resolve."

Referring to a possible meeting of the foreign ministers of Iran and the six major powers on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference which is scheduled to be held on February 6-8, he said just the US, French and German foreign ministers will be present at the conference, adding, "No decision has been made yet to hold a meeting with P5+1 members."

Regarding an imminent visit of his Chinese counterpart to Tehran, Zarif said, "We are making arrangements with the Chinese foreign minister and are coordinating to set a definite date for his trip."

On a question about the delay occurred in the re-opening of the Iranian and British embassies in London and Tehran, he said, "To open the British embassy, some requirements and facilities are needed."