Schools, Universities Reopen After Summer Break

Schools, Universities Reopen After Summer BreakSchools, Universities Reopen After Summer Break

Monday marked the end of summer holidays and the start of the new academic year for Iranian schools and universities. 
President Hassan Rouhani delivered a speech at a girls' school in Tehran on the occasion, addressing the students and highlighting their key role in building a better future for the country. 
"You need to study well and prepare for progress because the heavy responsibility of the country's future falls on the third and fourth generations after the [1979] revolution," Rouhani was quoted as saying by 
The president noted, however, that the primary and heavier responsibility rest with teachers who prepare the students to serve their country.  
"Teachers are the most important pillars of the country," he said. 
He later underlined the efforts of his administration to improve the quality of education in Iran, including a threefold increase in the budget of the Education Ministry and an average fourfold rise in teachers' salaries. 
Rouhani stressed that it is essential to figure out what shortcomings need to be addressed, along with collective hard work, to upgrade the educational system. 
"Our efforts are focused on ensuring that the Education Ministry and other sectors are ready to help equip the schools," he said.
He pointed to the construction, repair and refurbishment of schools, employment of teachers and timely allocation of the Education Ministry's budget as key areas that require attention. 
Rouhani also said that the atmosphere in schools should be pleasant for students, so as to encourage them to work toward excellence in their chosen field. 
Like previous years, the president asked students what measures could help create a happier and safer environment in schools. 


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