Dozens Dead in Tanzania Ferry Disaster

Dozens Dead in Tanzania Ferry DisasterDozens Dead in Tanzania Ferry Disaster

At least 100 people have died after a ferry carrying hundreds of people capsized on Lake Victoria, Tanzania, officials say.

It is feared that more than 200 people may have drowned. Recovery efforts have resumed on Friday after being halted overnight, BBC reported.

The MV Nyerere ferry overturned near the shore of Ukara island on its way from Bugorora.

It is thought the overloaded vessel tipped over when crowds on board moved to one side as it docked.

Local media say the ferry’s official capacity was 100 people but officials say the vessel was carrying more than 400 passengers when it capsized.

The BBC’s Aboubakar Famau in Tanzania says fear has gripped residents of Mwanza region as they await to hear the fate of relatives who traveled on MV Nyerere on Thursday.

“I received a call telling me that I have lost my aunt, father and my younger brother,” says Editha Josephat Magesa, a local resident.

“We are really saddened and urge the government to provide a new ferry because the old one was small and the population is big.”

BBC’s reporter says the ferry’s engines were recently replaced after local parliament member Joseph Mkundi complained about the previous ones.

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