Ebola Outbreak in Congo War Zone

Ebola Outbreak in Congo War ZoneEbola Outbreak in Congo War Zone

In a new reminder of the dangers in containing an Ebola outbreak in a war zone, suspected rebels killed seven people overnight in northeastern Congo and sent residents fleeing, an official said on Saturday. Global health officials have warned that combating this virus outbreak is complicated by multiple armed groups in the mineral-rich region and a restless population that includes one million displaced people and scores of refugees leaving for nearby Uganda every week, AP reported. The insecurity means health workers might have to change a vaccination strategy that proved successful in Congo’s previous Ebola outbreak, the World Health Organization’s emergency preparedness chief Dr. Peter Salama said on Saturday. The so-called “ring vaccination” approach of first vaccinating health workers, contacts of Ebola victims and their contacts might have to give way to the approach of vaccinating everyone in a certain geographic area such as a village or neighborhood. That would require a larger number of vaccine doses. Vaccinations began on Wednesday in the current outbreak, which was declared on August 1 and has killed 11 people in the densely populated region.


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