N. Korea Offers Direct Talks With US

N. Korea Offers Direct Talks With USN. Korea Offers Direct Talks With US

North Korea (DPRK) said Tuesday it is ready for direct talks with the United States to discuss its proposal to suspend nuclear tests. Japan says the proposal is unacceptable.

North Korea’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN An Myong Hun told reporters that DPRK has again urged the US to accept Pyongyang’s proposal to halt joint US-South Korea military exercises in exchange for the North’s suspension of nuclear tests, TASS reported.

He said “many things” will be possible this year if the offer is accepted but declined to answer questions on what might happen if the offer is rejected, according to the Yonhap news agency. South Korea and the US have annually conducted joint military drills, which they say are defensive in nature and aimed at maintaining their defense capability against North Korea.

The diplomat said that Pyongyang made a formal offer to the US on January 9, but the Americans did not respond to the constructive proposal. “By refusing to accept our proposal ... US has shown once again that they will continue to increase attack military capabilities in South Korea while requesting us not to have our own national defense capabilities. This is absolutely unacceptable and cannot be justified by anything,” An Myong Hun said.