Gaza Factions Push for Vote

Gaza Factions Push for VoteGaza Factions Push for Vote

Several political factions, including Hamas movement, who met in Gaza on Sunday called on the Palestinian unity government to prepare for holding the Palestinian elections.

Leaders of Islamic and left-wing factions held a meeting in Gaza city upon Hamas request to discuss what they termed the neglect of Gaza. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Fatah Party leaders didn’t attend the meeting, Xinhua reported.

A joint statement issued after the meeting called for forming a national committee that follows up the accurate implementation of the internal reconciliation agreements signed between Hamas and Fatah. “We discussed the painful consequences, which were a result of a stalemate in implementing the reconciliation deals and understandings,” said the joint statement.

It also called on the unity government to bear its responsibilities in following up its missions, prepare for holding the Palestinian elections and pay more care to Gaza, which suffers deteriorated economical and humanitarian situation.

The meeting was held after Hamas leaders announced that in case the unity government keeps ignoring the Gaza Strip, Hamas would have its other alternatives.

Hamas criticized the unity government, which was formed in June following an agreement between Fatah and Hamas, for refusing to pay the salaries of 43,000 employees Hamas assigned after it seized control of Gaza in 2007.

Meanwhile, the unity government’s officials accused Hamas of keeping its grip on the Gaza Strip security and obstructing the performance on the government in the enclave that is under an Israeli blockade since 2007.