Obama, Cameron to Discuss Russia, Cyber Security

Obama, Cameron to Discuss Russia, Cyber SecurityObama, Cameron to Discuss Russia, Cyber Security

British Prime Minister David Cameron is to pay a two-day visit to US President Barack Obama in Washington DC, the White House has said. The two leaders will have a working dinner at the White House on Thursday and meet in the Oval Office on Friday.

They are expected to discuss collaboration against internet-based cyber-attacks and Russia’s actions in Ukraine among other topics. The two officials last met during the G20 summit in November, BBC reported.

Downing Street said the two leaders would discuss a range of global issues. “The prime minister is looking forward to the visit which will be an opportunity to discuss the global economic outlook, how we boost growth and increase free trade, Ebola, and a number of national security issues such as Islamic State, counter-terrorism and Russia’s actions in Ukraine.”

The British intelligence and security organization  GCHQ said in a report that more than 80 percent of large UK companies experienced some form of security breach in 2014. It is expected to publish a report and warn that computer networks belonging to UK companies are coming under daily attacks by hackers, criminal gangs, commercial rivals and foreign intelligence services.