Ecuador Reverses Assange’s Extra Security at London Embassy

Ecuador Reverses Assange’s Extra Security at London EmbassyEcuador Reverses Assange’s Extra Security at London Embassy

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno is eliminating the extra security for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange provided by his predecessor, Rafael Correa.

Moreno is eliminating all additional security from the London embassy in which WikiLeaks founder has been housed in political asylum since 2012, according to state newspaper El Telegrafo.  

According to the country’s national secretary of communication, the government “will maintain normal security similar to the level of security at all other Ecuadorean embassies in the rest of the world,” Telesur reported.

British newspaper the Guardian reported that Moreno’s predecessor, Rafael Correa, while still president, hired a private security company and undercover agents to track Assange’s movements, moods, and passport numbers of all visitors, including embassy staff. The operation reportedly cost at least $5 million over the course of five years.

Correa has dismissed as “sensational” the newspaper’s investigation into the confidential security operation. In an interview with the Intercept regarding so-called ‘Operation Hotel,’ Correa said Ecuador’s security measures for Assange were “routine and modest.”

“When we have special security, we hire private security firms to provide it. There is nothing unusual about this. It would have been a violation of our duties if we did not,” said Correa.

Referring to Moreno’s policy of barring Assange from receiving phone calls or visitors, Correa described the act as “torture.”

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