Maduro: US Conducting Oil War to Destroy Russia, Venezuela

Maduro: US Conducting Oil War to Destroy Russia, Venezuela

The US is conducting an oil war to destroy Russia and Venezuela, the latter country’s President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday.
One more objective pursued by Washington is to destroy OPEC, he said.
“A real oil war is underway,” he said. “Its goal is to destroy Russia, to drive Russia into a collapse as a global power and President Obama admitted the fact in a radio interview today,” Itar Tass quoted Maduro as saying.
Simultaneously, the current slump in oil prices is also spearheaded at Venezuela, Maduro believes. “It seeks to turn our country into a colony, to destroy our independence and our revolution with the aid of an economic collapse.”
He recalled that the price of Venezuelan oil totaled $95 per barrel back in September and it plummeted to a mere $48, or by 50%, by the end of December.
“Still, neither Russia nor Venezuela will surrender and we’ll continue our struggle and they won’t overpower us,” Maduro said.


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