Gorran Unveils Project to Form Interim Gov’t in Iraqi Kurdistan

Gorran Unveils Project to Form Interim Gov’t in Iraqi KurdistanGorran Unveils Project to Form Interim Gov’t in Iraqi Kurdistan

The Change Movement (Gorran) unveiled its project to form an interim government in the Kurdistan region to rescue it from the two-year long crises.

Gorran’s project includes three components that are – the general operating principles, the government’s duties for an initial four months and the duties of the interim government over the next seven months, reported.

The first component asks for a “true partnership” of power sharing to be formed based on the outcome of the previous parliamentary elections, held in 2013.

The Kurdistan Regional Government Parliament has 111 seats, in which Gorran, the second-largest party after the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), has 24 seats.

Gorran asks for the formation of a government and parliamentary delegation to engage in talks with Baghdad. Moreover, they want the KRG parliament to be known as a supreme institution to be able to implement its duties without obstacles.

The last point of the first component includes establishing the independence and activation of the KRG’s judiciary powers, public prosecutor and a financial monitor.

Regarding the duties of the government for the next four months, Gorran calls for a change in the oil policy and the implementation of the gas and oil law as well as creation of an oil revenue fund. They also believe there needs to be a change of the KRG economic policy and that the government must confront corruption. They recommend that the government also restructure all foreign-related departments.

In their proposal, the Change Movement wants to cancel the “illegal decisions and actions” made while the party’s ministers and the parliament speaker were not at their posts. The parliament speaker, Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq, and the Gorran ministers were sacked in October 2015 after Massoud Barzani’s term as president of Kurdistan expired.


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