Ousted Catalan Leader Calls for United Front for Independence

Ousted Catalan Leader Calls for United Front for IndependenceOusted Catalan Leader Calls for United Front for Independence

Ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont called on Saturday for a united political front in the Dec. 21 election to continue the drive for independence from Spain and to protest the imprisonment of former members of the regional government.

Puigdemont, who went to Belgium after his government was fired following a unilateral declaration of independence, said on Friday he was considering standing in the election from Brussels, Reuters reported.

In Spain’s gravest political crisis since the return of democracy in the late 1970s, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called the snap election after taking control of Catalonia a week ago.

Political parties in the wealthy northeastern region that wish to run on a common platform have until Tuesday to register any potential coalition.

“It is time for all democrats to join together. For Catalonia, for the freedom of political prisoners and for the republic,” Puigdemont said in a tweet that included the hashtag, a site calling for parties to unite against the Spanish government at the ballot box.

On Thursday, nine members of Puigdemont’s sacked cabinet were ordered by Spain’s High Court to be held on remand pending an investigation and potential trial.

 Arrest Warrant Being Studied

Meanwhile, Belgian authorities said they have received Spain’s arrest warrant for Puigdemont and will examine it before handing it over to a judge, federal prosecutor Eric Van der Sypt said on Friday.

“We will study it, we will give it to an investigative judge maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” Van der Sypt told Reuters.

The comments came just hours after Spain issued an arrest warrant on sedition and other charges for Puigdemont.


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