Dem Lawmaker Condemns Trump as a Sick Man

Dem Lawmaker Condemns  Trump as a Sick ManDem Lawmaker Condemns  Trump as a Sick Man

Rep. Frederica Wilson blasted President Trump on Wednesday, calling him a "sick man" after he accused the Florida Democrat of fabricating her claim that he made an insensitive remark to the wife of a fallen soldier.

"This man is a sick man. He's cold hearted, and he feels no pity or sympathy for anyone," Wilson told CNN, The Hill reported.

"This is a grieving widow. A grieving widow, who is 6 months pregnant," she continued.

"When she actually hung up the phone, she looked at me and said 'he didn't even know his name.' Now that's the worst part," Wilson said.

Trump earlier in the morning said Wilson "totally fabricated" a claim that he told the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson, who was slain in Niger, that he “knew what he signed up for..but when it happens it hurts anyway."

Wilson said she was in the car with Johnson's widow at the time during a trip to meet her husband's casket when Trump called.

"I'm not trying to prove anything with the president. So the president evidently is lying," Wilson told CNN. "Because what I said is true. I have no reason to lie on the president of the United States. With a dead soldier in my community. I have no time. I have no motive."

Trump on Monday falsely claimed that former President Barack Obama didn’t call the families of fallen service members while he was in office, but when pressed admitted that he didn’t know Obama's practice.


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