Catalonia Refuses to Renounce Independence

Catalonia Refuses to Renounce IndependenceCatalonia Refuses to Renounce Independence

Catalonia refused on Tuesday to bow to the Spanish government’s demand that it renounce a symbolic declaration of independence, setting it on a political collision course with Madrid later this week. The Spanish government has threatened to put Catalonia, which accounts for a fifth of the economy, under direct central rule if its government does not abandon independence by Thursday, Reuters reported. But Catalonia’s government rejected Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s deadline. “Giving in forms no part of this government’s scenarios,” Catalan government spokesman Jordi Turull said. “On Thursday, we won’t give anything different than what we gave on Monday.” Spain’s biggest political crisis in decades worsened on Monday night when Madrid’s High Court jailed the heads of Catalonia’s two main separatist groups pending an investigation for alleged sedition.


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