All Undocumented Migrants Found Guilty in France Must leave

All Undocumented Migrants Found Guilty in France Must leaveAll Undocumented Migrants Found Guilty in France Must leave

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to follow through on the “radical” immigration reform promised prior to his election, with all undocumented migrants convicted of a crime to be deported.

In his first televised interview since taking office, Macron also staunchly defended his record in power, RT reported.

“We’re taking care of the France where things aren’t going well,” Macron said on Sunday, as cited by the AFP. “I’m doing what I said I would do during the election campaign.”

Immigration reform featured prominently in Macron’s election manifesto, with a draft update of migration law in France expected in spring 2018. However, Macron has experienced a dip in his overall approval rating, fuelling speculation that his tough rhetoric on immigration is designed to court members of France’s far-right voter base.

For context, Macron’s televised interview took place just two weeks after Ahmed Hanachi stabbed two women to death at the Saint-Charles train station in Marseille.

Hanachi has been in police custody for shoplifting in Lyon just two days prior to the attack. He was released by police the following day despite not having the correct documentation to prove that he was in the country legally.

  Not Favoring the Rich

Macron said he was a president of all French, dismissing opponents’ criticisms that his policies favor the rich and said his countrymen should adopt a more positive attitude towards success, RFI reported.

Macron angered unions last week with outspoken comments he made during a visit to a car parts factory, where scuffles erupted between police and workers protesting over job losses.

“For our society to get better, we need people who succeed. We shouldn’t be jealous of them, we should say: ‘fantastic’,” he said.

But the move has prompted opponents to label the former investment banker “president of the rich”.

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