Syria Army Closer to IS-Held Deir Az Zor

Syria Army Closer to IS-Held Deir Az ZorSyria Army Closer to IS-Held Deir Az Zor

Syria’s army and its allies have advanced towards Deir Az Zor, a city held by self-styled Islamic State terrorist group, after capturing the al-Kharata oil field, a war monitor said on Sunday. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has focused this year on striking eastwards in a multipronged assault against IS to reclaim Deir Az Zor from the armed group, Al Jazeera reported. IS controls most of Deir Az Zor Province —apart from a Syrian government-held enclave in Deir Az Zor city and a nearby military airbase. Sunday’s advance brings the army and its allies to about 10km from the city, said the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The governor of Deir Az Zor Province said the Syrian army would reach the city within 48 hours. “The heroes of the army will arrive at Deir Az Zor in 24-48 hours at the most,” Mohammed Ibrahim Samra told Reuters news agency, adding that the army was now 18-20 km from the edge of the city.


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