Macron’s Popularity Plunging Over Nepotism

Macron’s Popularity Plunging Over NepotismMacron’s Popularity Plunging Over Nepotism

Less than three months after his election, Emmanuel Macron has already seen his popularity dip after launching a divisive labor reform and engaging in a damaging dispute with the military.

The question over the future role of his wife might add to that downward trend, DW reported.

Macron, who took office in May, is facing accusations of hypocrisy after he was previously outspoken in his determination to rid the French political system of nepotism.

A petition with close to 200,000 signatures has been launched in protest at the decision to give Brigitte Macron an official role with access to public funds, her own staff and office.

Opinion polls conducted last week showed the percentage of French citizens who said they were satisfied with Macron’s policies to be plunging.

Lately, the young president’s image has taken a hit due to a public dispute with the French military chief over budget cuts and his standoffish attitude towards the press.

France’s Ifop polling agency said: “Apart from Jacques Chirac in July 1995, a newly elected president has never seen his popularity rate falling as quickly during the summer after the election.”

While struggling at home, Macron has succeeded in raising France’s diplomatic profile, hosting meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump, and Libyan peace talks in Paris.


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