Russia Striving to Make Navy World’s Second

Russia Striving to Make Navy World’s SecondRussia Striving to Make Navy World’s Second

Russia is setting its sights on making its navy the world’s second in combat capabilities, say the Fundamentals of Russia’s State Naval Policy Through 2030 approved by President Vladimir Putin’s decree on Thursday.

The navy should succeed in battling the adversary with the use of the navy’s high-technology potential (including precise weapons), groupings of their navies in near and remote zones and areas of the seas and oceans, Tass reported.

The Russian Navy is a major effective instrument of strategic containment, including against the US ‘global strike’ concept that poses a direct threat to international and Russia’s security, according to the document.

The document notes that the role of armed forces in the struggle for leadership in the oceanic and sea directions increases in the 21st century and “the navies of world powers are able with their actions from the sea to change the course of the armed struggle and the war outcome as a whole.”

“A confirmation of this is the ‘global strike’ concept, which has been developed by the United States and which poses a new challenge to international security and directly threatens the military security of the Russian Federation. An important role in the implementation of this concept is attached to naval forces,” the Fundamentals of Russia’s State Naval Policy say.

The document stresses that the Russian Navy is “one of the most effective instruments of strategic (nuclear and conventional) containment, including the prevention of a ‘global strike.’”

According to the document, nuclear and conventional containment are the basic elements of the system of strategic deterrence while general-purpose naval forces play an important role in accomplishing strategic containment tasks.

“Amid an escalating military conflict, the demonstration of preparedness and resolve to use force with the employment of non-strategic nuclear weapons is an effective deterrence factor,” the study says.

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