Israel Agrees to PA Request to Cut Gaza Electricity

Israel Agrees to PA Request to Cut Gaza ElectricityIsrael Agrees to PA Request to Cut Gaza Electricity

The Israeli government has agreed to cut down its electricity supply to the Gaza Strip, at the behest of the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority, Israeli officials said. According to Yoav Mordechai, the Israeli head of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, President Mahmoud Abbas had requested Israel to stop supplying electricity to Gaza back in April, Aljazeera reported. Khalil Shaheen, a Ramallah-based political analyst, said the PA was applying heavy pressure on the Hamas government to relinquish its control over the Gaza Strip. “The PA is trying to whip up public anger from Gaza residents toward Hamas by various means,” Shaheen said. “The decision to slash the salaries of PA employees in Gaza by 30% in addition to not paying for Israeli electricity is designed for Gaza to reach its breaking point, and for people to turn against Hamas.” Shaheen pointed out that these measures could be connected to Abbas’ willingness to prove to the US and international community that the PA is with them in opposing Hamas.

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