US May Send 3,000 More Troops to Afghanistan

US May Send 3,000 More Troops to AfghanistanUS May Send 3,000 More Troops to Afghanistan

Seeking to end a stalemate with the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Pentagon has drafted proposals for a slight increase in the number of US troops in Afghanistan, as well as expanded authority to help Afghan security forces fight the group, according to a US official. US President Donald Trump will have to decide on the proposals, likely before an upcoming NATO meeting, ABC News reported. The proposals are the result of a comprehensive administration review of the US strategy for Afghanistan, where the United States now has 8,400 troops. More than 2,000 of them are involved in a counterterrorism mission against the self-styled Islamic State and Al-Qaeda terrorist groups; a majority are part of a NATO mission that trains, advises and assists Afghan security forces in their fight against the Taliban insurgency. There are an additional 5,000 forces from NATO countries assisting with the mission.


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