S. Korea Awaits Park Move

S. Korea Awaits Park MoveS. Korea Awaits Park Move

All eyes were on Seoul’s presidential Blue House on Saturday as South Koreans awaited ex-president Park Geun-hye’s reaction to her impeachment and preparations to move into her private residence.

Election authorities expressed concern over growing tensions in the lead-up to polls to elect a new president, while newspaper editorials called for an end to ongoing street protests, AFP reported.

A third person died on Saturday in hospital after he lost consciousness the day before in a clash between pro-Park supporters and riot police, near the Constitutional Court thatconfirmed Park’s impeachment.

The main opposition Democratic Party urged Park to accept the court ruling, accusing her of behaving as if she were rejecting the decision reached unanimously by the court’s eight judges.

Park will leave the Blue House only after her private house in prosperous southern Seoul is repaired and cleaned to accommodate her and her security detail.

Park is obliged to move out of the presidential palace, where she has been holed up for more than 90 days after the National Assembly voted for her impeachment in October.

The court’s verdict upholding her impeachment immediately stripped her of all powers and privileges, except for her security. The ruling also removed her presidential immunity to criminal indictment.

South Korea’s top election official, Kim Yong-deok, said in a statement there was “growing concern” over the highly charged atmosphere ahead of an election that must take place no later than May 9.“The vote must serve as a chance to overcome divisions and conflicts, and achieve national unity and harmony,” he said in a speech aired live on TV.

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