Iraqi Army Captures Key Mosul Bridge

Iraqi Army Captures Key Mosul BridgeIraqi Army Captures Key Mosul Bridge

The Iraqi Army has seized the al-Hurriya Bridge, a spokesperson said, in the latest push to retake Mosul from the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group.

It’s the second bridge to be captured in the city. Al-Hurriya leads to the IS-held old city from the south, Euronews reported.

In total, five bridges cross the Tigris River, which splits Mosul in two. All have been destroyed, but it’s hoped their capture and repair will help the US-backed Iraqi forces drive out the militants who took control of the northern city in 2014.

Mosul is the militants’ last major stronghold in the country. A successful mission would wipe out the Iraqi wing of IS’s self-declared caliphate.

Eastern Mosul was retaken by government forces in January 2017, after 100 days of conflict. The offensive to seize western districts began two weeks ago (February 19). Intensified fighting has forced thousands to flee the city, aid agencies report.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army regained control over the Jazal Oilfield west of the city of Palmyra, a source on the ground told Sputnik on Monday.

After the defeat in Palmyra, IS set gas fields on fire. The Syrian Arab Army, assisted by Russian warplanes and its allies took Palmyra under control on March 27, 2016, but lost it on December 11.

IS then destroyed a tetrapylon and part of a Roman theater in the ancient city, using it to carry out mass executions.

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