Obama Wants $263m to Pay for Police Body Cameras

Obama Wants $263m to Pay for Police Body CamerasObama Wants $263m to Pay for Police Body Cameras

US President Barack Obama has requested $263m (£167m) to improve police training, pay for body cameras and restore trust in policing.

Obama asked Congress for the funds after a week of nationwide protests over perceived policing injustices, the BBC reported.

Ferguson in Missouri was rocked by riots after a grand jury decided not to charge a white police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man.

Protests spread across the US and a mass walkout was held on Monday.

Police in Ferguson, Missouri, were criticized for being heavy-handed in dealing with protests sparked by the shooting of Michael Brown in August.

The funds requested by Obama would be spread over three years and some of the money will go towards purchasing 50,000 body cameras for police officers as well as resources to reform law enforcement departments.

Body cameras can provide evidence of encounters between police and civilians, particularly in disputed cases such as the Ferguson shooting.

The president said the stories of discrimination that young people had told him at the White House on Monday “violate my belief about what America can do”.