Perez Wins DNC Chairmanship

Perez Wins DNC ChairmanshipPerez Wins DNC Chairmanship

Democrats selected former labor secretary, Tom Perez, over Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison as their new chairman on Saturday, concluding a hotly contested race to lead a battered party as it tries to channel the anti-Donald Trump energy of its base into an electoral rebound. Perez defeated Ellison in a 235-200 vote among the Democratic National Committee’s 435 members who cast ballots on Saturday, CNN reported. In a victory speech, Perez vowed that Democrats would wage an all-out battle to deny Trump a second term. Immediately after winning, Perez made a quick move to bring Ellison’s supporters into the fold—appointing Ellison as the deputy chair of the DNC, to cheers and unanimous approval from the crowd.  Ellison called on Democrats to support Perez.


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