Germany’s BND Monitored Journalists Worldwide

Germany’s BND Monitored Journalists WorldwideGermany’s BND Monitored Journalists Worldwide

The German Intelligence Agency (BND) has spied on journalists from the BBC and The New York Times. 

Press rights watchdogs have criticized the latest revelations of foul play at the BND, reported Der Spiegel.

Since 1999, BND has spied on journalists of various news outlets and their sources, according to a report by German news magazine Der Spiegel set to be published on Saturday, Deutsche Welle reported.

Media organizations targeted by the spy agency included BBC, Reuters and The New York Times.

According to the report, BND monitored at least 50 telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses of journalists and editorial offices across the globe.

Under legislation passed in October, BND is permitted to direct espionage operations on foreign nationals as well as EU institutions if they aim to gather “information of significance for (Germany’s) foreign policy and security.”

However, critics slammed the legislation, which provided further government oversight over the agency’s intelligence activities and not specific safeguards for journalists.

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