France Condemns Alleged Russian Cyberattacks

France Condemns Alleged Russian CyberattacksFrance Condemns Alleged Russian Cyberattacks

Suspected Russian cyberattacks on the French presidential campaign are “unacceptable”, France’s foreign minister said on Sunday, adding it was clear that pro-Europe candidate Emmanuel Macron was being targeted.

A spokesman for Macron, who is currently riding high in the polls, has accused Moscow of being behind a flurry of cyberattacks on his campaign website and email servers over the past month, AFP reported. “It’s enough to see which candidates, Marine Le Pen or Francois Fillon, Russia expresses preference for in the French electoral campaign,” Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said in an interview with Journal du Dimanche.

“Whereas Emmanuel Macron, who is pro-Europe, is being targeted by cyberattacks. This form of interference in French democratic life is unacceptable and I denounce it.” Le Pen, of the far-right National Front, is anti-immigration and anti-European Union, while Fillon is the conservative Republican candidate pushing for closer ties with Moscow. “Russia is the first to say that non-interference in domestic affairs is a cardinal rule and I understand that. Well, France won’t accept its choices being dictated to it either,” he added.

The allegations come in the midst of a furor over Russia’s alleged interference in the US electoral campaign that forced out one of US President Donald Trump’s top aides.

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