Romanian Protesters Extend Demands

An aerial picture of the rallyAn aerial picture of the rally

An estimated half a million people have once again held rallies across Romania despite the government backing down over a controversial decree.

Earlier, the Social Democrats on Feb. 5 scrapped a measure that would have protected many politicians from prosecution for corruption.

But protesters still appear to be dissatisfied about a revised version of the bill and some are calling for the government to resign, Euronews reported.

Alexandru, a teacher from Bucharest, said: “It’s not about one decree; it’s about a way of doing politics. We are tired of the same old things. We are gathered here all together, to change not this council of politics (government); it is about the people, not about a small amount of guys making laws for their benefit.”

The decree would have decriminalized abuse of power offences where sums of less than €44,000 were involved. The government said its chief aim had been to relieve pressure on Romania’s overcrowded jails.

President Klaus Iohannis who had urged the government to scrap the measure is expected to make a statement on Feb. 6.

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