Philippine Communist Rebels End Ceasefire

Philippine Communist Rebels End CeasefirePhilippine Communist Rebels End Ceasefire

Philippine Maoist rebels said on Wednesday they would end a five-month ceasefire, accusing President Rodrigo Duterte's government of treachery and human rights abuses.

The move comes after a third round of peace talks aimed at ending decades of bloodshed wrapped up in Italy last week with no deal on a permanent cessation of fighting, France24 reported.

The Communist Party of the Philippines said it would continue to support the peace negotiations, but ordered its 4,000 fighters to resume "military campaigns and tactical offensives" against government forces from February 11.

"The (government) has treacherously taken advantage of the (rebels') unilateral declaration of ceasefire to encroach on the territory of the people's democratic movement," the rebels said in a statement.

Soldiers and police had used the truce as a license to "engage in hostile actions", including "human rights violations" in rebel-dominated rural villages.

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