One Million Britons Oppose Trump Visit

One Million Britons Oppose Trump Visit One Million Britons Oppose Trump Visit

More than a million people have signed a parliamentary petition demanding that US President Donald Trump is prevented from making a state visit to the UK.

Monday's milestone far exceeds the 100,000 signatures needed to get parliament to consider debating the issue.

The petition gathered the large number of signatures in less than 24 hours, Aljazeera reported.

However, Downing Street rejected calls to cancel Trump's proposed state visit to the UK after a US clampdown on immigration.

A source said a rejection would be a "populist gesture", adding that the invitation had been accepted and scrapping it would "undo everything", BBC reported.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said PM Theresa May would be failing the people if she failed to postpone the visit.

The visit was announced during May's trip to the US. No date has been set but it is expected to take place later this year.

Corbyn, who has urged followers to support the petition, tweeted on Sunday: "@realDonaldTrump should not be welcomed to Britain while he abuses our shared values with shameful #MuslimBan & attacks on refugees & women," he added.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron backed the call. He said: "Any visit by President Trump to Britain should be on hold until his disgraceful ban comes to an end.

"Otherwise Theresa May would be placing the Queen in an impossible position of welcoming a man who is banning British citizens purely on grounds of their faith."



This is the start of a vilification of and exclusion of people defined by race and religion, which is justified by the word 'terroist. Hiltler did this when he defined the Jews as the 'enemy' of the German people. The real problem will be when he starts deporting people or worse instead of refusing them entry. Europe has suffered far worse than the US in terms of 'terroist' attacks and most of the terroists were home grown as in the UK with the 7th July bombers. We are in a dangerous position in the UK as we have a weak government with unelected leader. I lived through the IRA terroist attacks of the 80's, but I don't remember Irish people being banned from England.

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