Japan Spots Chinese Armada in East China Sea

Japan Spots Chinese Armada in East China SeaJapan Spots Chinese Armada in East China Sea

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force caught sight of the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning passage in the East China Sea for the first time, local media reported on Sunday, citing the Defense Ministry officials.

According to the NHK broadcaster, the vessel was accompanied by seven other ships, including three missile destroyers and a supply ship. Japan's Defense Ministry was reportedly aware of the passage, Sputnik reported.

On Saturday, the Chinese Defense Ministry said its Liaoning aircraft carrier was participating in the military drills in the Yellow Sea for the second time this week.

Tensions between Tokyo and Beijing are intensifying after China announced the installation of an air defense zone over East China Sea in November 2013, which spreads to the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands.

Earlier in the month, Japanese aircraft were scrambled, when six Chinese planes were flying over the Miyako Strait near Okinawa. The two countries exchanged accusations and criticism over the incident.

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