Aleppo Under Full Control of Syria Army

Aleppo Under Full Control of Syria ArmyAleppo Under Full Control of Syria Army

The Syrian Army has regained control over all of Aleppo and has returned “security and stability to the city”, the army's general command said. The Red Cross has also confirmed that a complex operation to evacuate those who "wished" to leave has been completed.

The city has been liberated from terrorism and terrorists, the statement said, as quoted by Syria's state SANA news agency. “It strikes a smashing blow to the forces that backed a terrorism plot against Syria,” the statement added.

"All civilians who wished to be evacuated have been, as well as [the] wounded and fighters," International Committee of the Red Cross spokeswoman, Krista Armstrong, was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said on Thursday that the liberation of Aleppo from terrorism is a victory not just for Syria but for all those who are effectively contributing to the fight against terrorism, including Iran and Russia.

“It is also a setback for all the countries that are hostile towards the Syrian people and that have used terrorism as a means [by which] to realize their interests,” he said.

A SANA reporter wrote previously on Thursday that the last stage of evacuating terrorists and their families from eastern Aleppo was underway. A video provided by RT’s Lizzie Phelan, reporting from Aleppo, shows the army celebrating the victory. Constant firing can be heard in the background.

The battle for Aleppo lasted for almost half a year after the Syrian Army first encircled the militants ensconced in the city, in late July.

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