US Electors to Officially Confirm Trump Victory

US Electors to Officially Confirm Trump VictoryUS Electors to Officially Confirm Trump Victory

The US Electoral College is expected on Monday to officially select Donald Trump as the next president in a vote that is usually routine, but takes place this year amid allegations of Russian hacking to influence the election. At meetings scheduled in every state and the District of Columbia, the institution’s 538 electors, generally chosen by state parties, will cast official ballots for president and vice president, Reuters reported.

It is highly unlikely that the vote will change the outcome of the November 8 election, which gave the White House to Trump after he won a majority of Electoral College votes. The popular vote went to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

But the conclusion by US intelligence agencies that Russia hacked into the emails of the Democratic National Committee in an attempt to sway the election for Trump has prompted Democrats to urge some electors not to vote as directed by their state’s popular ballot.

The leaked emails disclosed details of Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street, party infighting and inside criticism about Clinton’s use of a private server to send emails while US secretary of state. The disclosures led to embarrassing media coverage and prompted some party officials to resign.

Trump and his team dismiss intelligence claims of Russian interference, accusing Democrats and their allies of trying to undermine the legitimacy of his election victory.

Russian officials have denied accusations of interfering in the election.

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