Kremlin Denies Intervention in US Presidential Poll

Kremlin Denies Intervention in US Presidential PollKremlin Denies Intervention in US Presidential Poll

There has been no proof any secret services somehow influenced the outcome of the presidential campaign in the United States, Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said. Peskov was commenting on media reports that some Russian hackers, allegedly supervised by Russian secret services, had repeatedly obtained unauthorized access to US servers with the aim of securing Donald Trump’s victory, TASS News Agency reported. “With enviable regularity, many high-ranking US and British officials have been making such statements and likewise with enviable regularity none of the absolutely groundless claims has been propped up by any information, let alone proof,” he said. Peskov pointed out that such media claims looked like “absolutely groundless, unprofessional and incompetent charges that have nothing to do with the reality”.


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