Japan Wary About Likely TPP Withdrawal of US

Japan Wary About Likely TPP Withdrawal of US Japan Wary About Likely TPP Withdrawal of US

Japan’s export-dependent economy could be hurt, if Donald Trump adopts protectionist policies that curb global trade.

During his presidential camping, the US president-elect vowed to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would be a blow to Japan, as it is looking to the free-trade deal to expand exports and encourage structural reforms to make its agriculture sector more competitive.

This is while Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is arranging to meet Trump about a week after he takes over as US president on January 20, Jiji news service reported on Tuesday. Abe met Trump in New York last month, soon after his election victory and Jiji said Abe would meet him about a week after Trump’s inauguration, Reuters reported.

A spokesman for the Japanese prime minister’s office said he was not aware of the meeting and declined further comment. Abe was the first foreign leader Trump met after his election win and he could potentially be the first foreign leader Trump meets after officially becoming president, suggesting strong ties with Japan are important to Trump.

The US-Japan military alliance is the cornerstone of Japan’s defense and foreign policy, but Trump’s comments during his campaign caused many people to doubt his commitment to it.

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