UK Premier Outlined Brexit Fears Pre-Referendum

UK Premier Outlined Brexit Fears Pre-ReferendumUK Premier Outlined Brexit Fears Pre-Referendum

A month before the UK voted to exit the EU, now-Prime Minister Theresa May warned of its possible impact on UK businesses. With the extent of the UK's economic malaise now becoming clear, many accuse May of hypocrisy.

In a private audience with executives from the US investment bank Goldman Sachs, the then-home secretary was more vocal about her concerns than during the referendum campaign, according to a report leaked to "The Guardian" newspaper, Deutsche Welle reported.

May, who became PM after an internal party reorganization that saw most of the senior advocates of the "Remain" campaign ousted in a bloodless coup, displayed a canny ability to distance herself from the Remain side in the runup to the referendum. Her refusal to participate much in the campaign led Craig Oliver, David Cameron's former chief of communications, to suggest she may secretly be an "enemy agent" for the other side.

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