British PM Gathers Ministers to Hear Views on Brexit

British PM Gathers Ministers to Hear Views on BrexitBritish PM Gathers Ministers to Hear Views on Brexit

After a summer of political earthquakes followed by a few weeks of holiday calm, Prime Minister Theresa May will meet members of her government on Wednesday to discuss how Britain is to leave the European Union.

It will be the first time that May, appointed in July after David Cameron resigned following Britain's vote to quit the EU, has met her ministers since she asked them to use the break to come up with options for the country's future relationship with the bloc after a divorce, Reuters reported. For many in the EU, it is not before time. Despite giving May breathing space to devise a negotiating stance before triggering the exit procedure, they are keen for Britain to begin the talks and end uncertainty that has hurt investment.

"Before the summer the PM charged all cabinet ministers with identifying the opportunities in their respective areas of responsibility," a government spokeswoman said.

"On Wednesday ... the new team will report back, and discuss the next steps in the negotiations," she said of the meeting at May's official residence at Chequers.