London Mayor Urges Labor Party to Drop Corbyn

London Mayor Urges Labor Party to Drop CorbynLondon Mayor Urges Labor Party to Drop Corbyn

Sadiq Khan has called on Labor Party members to drop its current leader, saying: “We simply cannot afford to go on like this.”

He said Jeremy Corbyn’s failure during the EU referendum meant he had lost voter confidence.

Khan endorsed Labor Party leader Corbyn’s challenger, Owen Smith, in an opinion article published late on Saturday, DPA reported.

“Jeremy has already proved that he is unable to organize an effective team and has failed to win the trust and respect of the British people,” Khan said in an article he wrote for the UK’s “Observer” newspaper.

Ever since Great Britain’s June vote to leave the European Union, the Labor Party has been struggling with a leadership challenge by Smith, a veteran member of parliament. Many in the party were displeased with Corbyn’s leadership during the referendum campaign.

Khan echoed those sentiments in his article, saying that Corbyn’s referendum stance was not clear and left many voters unconvinced.

“I know from my own election—up against a nasty and divisive Tory campaign—that if we are strong and clear enough in our convictions, the message will get through to the public,” the London mayor wrote.

Corbyn has continuously denied that he failed to strongly campaign for the UK to remain in the EU. Despite widespread criticism, he is still favored to win the leadership contest due to grassroots support. Smith, on the other hand, is supported by many of the Labor Party’s lawmakers.

The leadership challenge result is set to be announced on September 24.