Police Killing Sparks Milwaukee Violence

Police Killing Sparks Milwaukee ViolencePolice Killing Sparks Milwaukee Violence

Violence has broken out on the streets of the US city of Milwaukee, after an armed man, 23, was shot dead in a police chase on Saturday.

The man fled from a car after being stopped by police in traffic on Saturday afternoon, Milwaukee police said in a statement. He died from his injuries at the scene.

About 100 people gathered to protest about his killing. Some buildings, including a gas station, and cars were set on fire, BBC reported. Police have not given the man’s ethnic origin or that of the police officer, but did say he was armed with a stolen handgun and had an arrest record.

Previous police killings of black men have sparked nationwide protest movements.

During the disturbances, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett urged parents of anyone at the scene of the protests to “get them home right now”. Police asked for violence to stop during the night and the north side of the city is now becoming calmer.

One officer was hit on the head when a brick was thrown through a police car window, they added.

Firefighters were initially unable to combat the blazes because gunshots were being fired, they say.